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Remembering Mahsa Amini one year after her death as Iran continues its crackdown on calls for justice because country’s twisted justice system is crumbling

One year after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini there’s something we’d like people to remember. There was a point in time that things were significantly different or so these governments would like you to believe. But they weren’t. People rise to power and in the same fashion a gun’s trigger doesn’t pull itself — the policies and other ‘rules’ that helped result in the death of Amini exist because they required a human to implement them.

However, many of the present problems we have in this world are caused by the governments in which run the world. They are people who were once your neighbors.

Politicians aren’t some magical god or entity entrusted with a golden crown by a higher power. They were once someone’s neighbor and an active member of the community. Amini’s death could’ve been avoided had the Iranian government existed in honest form. This is why people at least in some ways need to know who their neighbors are — because these people can wake up on a random Tuesday and suddenly announce they’re running for office. It shouldn’t be that way and that is why Iran has foul evil people who nobody saw coming existing in government.

Like many countries, people and citizens are nothing more than economic pawns meant to keep the system going while a select few sit on their high horses. In Iran, this is often described as theocracy which is even worse than what other parts of the world are currently going through.

In memory of Amini, we must fight for a fairer and freer world and if that means that some of these less than friendly governments need to fall — then people should as they are in Iran take to the streets until the government falls. If they attempt to arrest everyone — the system will crash because there’s no more economic output.

We the people have more power than we’ve been led to believe. Without us there is no economic output; a thriving economy, a society, doctors, nurses, accountants, scientists, nothing.

This world exists because of the people and citizens of the earth in which have heavily contributed to such existence. Remember that going forward and as you may or may not safely protest the injustice of Mahsa Amini’s death.

The government would like you to believe you have no power but without its citizens a government is nothing and lacks a functioning society.

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