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Was it a mistake? Iran says that despite US warnings it will spend $6B in freed-up frozen funds ‘however they see fit

In the midst of a US deal to bring Americans home and a prisoner swap with Iran, new questions are being asked following comments made to NBC News by Iranian President and dictator Ebrahim Raisi which implied that the gov’t would not comply with US demands that the money only be spent on humanitarian aid.

In a new interview with NBC, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has raised eyebrows after suggesting that Iran was set to go back on its real with the U.S and spend frozen funds how they see fit (even though they can’t as Qatar’s central bank will hold them.) In response to the comments, U.S. officials reiterated on Tuesday that Qatar’s bank will hold and monitor all of the money including transaction by transaction.

The comments below which drew criticism were translated to English by a government translator according to NBC.

“This money belongs to the Iranian people, the Iranian government, so the Islamic Republic of Iran will decide what to do with this money,” he said, per a formal Iranian government translator.

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