New study shows that more Americans than ever before following a year over year increase are sleeping on the streets as an ordinary life and an affordable home is no longer possible for many

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial stress and issues that came with it coupled with already existing financial stress has spelled out a big problem for the United States. According to a new study, some 570,000 Americans (and that’s just reportedly a rough estimate) call the streets home.

America ‘s longstanding homelessness crisis is worse than it has ever been on record. According to new estimates, some 570k people in the country call the streets home. This of course is often due to sometimes life circumstances; lack of affordable housing, no fundamental protections to keep people in their current homes, and the general scarcity of financial resources for an already cash-strapped society.

As the study points out while more people than ever are being helped into affordable housing there just isn’t enough to go around for everybody in the country. In allot of cases, numerous cities have zoning laws and other regulations that make it difficult beyond acceptable means (according to developers) or nearly impossible for such to happen.

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