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Report reveals Vice Media has accepted a ton of money from the Saudis and in turn is censoring content that may offend them sparking concerns among editors and staff

A new report on Vice Media is painting a picture of alleged censorship and big money involvement. According to the report, Vice Media recently signed a lucrative deal with none other than MBC Group — the government-controlled media company in Saudi Arabia.

A new report on a shady business deal between Vice Media and MBC Group in Saudi Arabia is making its around on social media this week. According to a report from The Guardian, the US media group recently accepted a ‘substantial sum’ from the media group largely controlled by the Saudi Arabian government. Some say particularly editors within Vice’s news division that as a result of this deal, censorship has taken a front seat in an alleged effort to avoid offending the Kingdom.

Vice knowingly has numerous people on the ground in Saudi Arabia. In many of the named instances, sources told The Guardian that editorial decisions to stop content from going live (or face deletion) were often chalked up to that ‘the safety’ of other Vice editors in the country.

It all appears to be part of a wider effort by the Saudi Araiban government to help its image on a further global scale. In recent years, the government has ben accused of a string of grotquesque human rights abuses and reported murders.

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