UK drivers may be poised to get refunds after ruling finds Sadiq Khan ‘s scheme used CCTV footage instead of traffic wardens to punish motorists

Sadiq Khan ‘s probably wishing right now that he had used traffic wardens in his infamous punishment scheme over CCTV footage. Over the weekend, a ruling found that because he did so UK drivers may be set to get refunds to the tune of millions as a result.

Sadiq Khan ‘s infamous tfl project has finally met its fate. According to a ruling, Khan’s programme has been deemed to have run afoul of the law because it used CCTV footage to punish motorists instead of the usual traffic wardens that most people are probably accustomed to.

The panel ruling found that Transport for London unlawfully used CCTV footage along red routes in the area which many had deemed an invasion of privacy. In 2015, the government had previously limited the use of CCTV footage because of ‘reckless and often overzealous enforcement’ by local authorities in various places.

Motorists could be owed millions in pounds in refunds and we will be following this as it continues to be determined.

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