NYPD investigating reports of violent hate crime in Coney Island after homophobic moron harasses gay male later stabbing him to death in the parking lot

Cops are looking further into a murder that occurred over the weekend in Coney Island. According to what we’ve learned, the incident that occurred on Saturday at a Mobil gas station is understood to be a likely hate crime.

According to information reviewed by Bazaar Daily, the NYPD is in possession of security footage from a Mobil station in Coney Island.

The footage shows a man identified as 28-year-old Sibley Oshae who was stabbed to death by a moronic idiot who told police he was ‘bothered’ by Oshae and his friends dancing in scantily clad beach wear in the parking lot.

The suspect who is Muslim reportedly told police that he was offended by the scantily clad dancing. The incident occurred shortly after 11pm when Oshae was stabbed to death Saturday night. No arrests have been made at this time.

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