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UPDATE: Sigh of relief folks. Russell has since been found and returned home safely to her family. The investigation remains ongoing to determine exactly what happened and why.


Carlee Russell is pictured. Russell as mentioned was last seen driving a red Mercedes along I-459 in Hoover Alabama.

What to know: Russell described as a 5’3 150 lbs was driving along I-459 on Thursday around 9:34 pm. During this time police discovered that this is how the story goes. Russell while driving along this route noticed a child along the interstate wandering alone. Shortly after 9:34 pm a 911 call was placed from a mobile phone belonging to Russell attempting to get help for the child.

As of this writing, police are stumped about the presence of the reported child because per multiple reports (see here) police were unable to confirm any other reports of a missing child in the area that would’ve fit the circumstances. Police are reviewing local traffic cam footage hoping to enhance it to determine exactly what happened.

What came next: According to police, by the time anyone arrived Carlee nor the reported child were actually there. Her car with everything inside including her purse was still there except she wasn’t. It is not clear what happened and police are seeking help from the public. According to police, she was driving a red Mercedes.

Police say: Authorities also say that Russell placed a telephone call to her sister just before she disappeared where she attempted to inform her what was going on. At some point during this call, Russell was heard ‘screaming’ and then disappeared. The call remained connected though it is not clear what happened after this point.

What police are looking for: Anyone who may have seen what happened to Russell in the span of a few minutes just after 9:34 pm.

Other information: A $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the safe return of Russell to her family or information about her whereabouts.

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