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The crazed infamous man who tried to storm former President Obama ‘s neighbourhood was at least according to prosecutors heavily influenced by Donald Trump. According to court docs, prosecutors are arguing that Trump posted his address and Taylor Taranto acted on said information.

According to reports, Taylor Taranto the infamous man who tried to overrun Barack Obama ‘s DC neighborhood apparently had allot more going on than people originally knew about. Bazaar Daily US reports that prosecutors argued in their latest filing that just before Taranto had ‘live-streamed’ his efforts he had reshared a post from Trump online that appeared to contain an address. Taranto also made threats against Kevin McCarthy and Rep Jamie Raskin — and in one instance entered a school near Raskin ‘s home in an effort at the time to show a film related to 6 January.

According to the same filing, in his own words, Taranto admitted to prosecutors why he was targeting that specific school near Raskin’s home.“He’s one of the guys that hate January 6 people, or more like Trump supporters, and it’s kind of like sending a shockwave through him because I did nothing wrong and he’s probably freaking out and saying s*** like, ‘Well he’s stalking me,’” the filing said.

“Taranto further adds in his bizarre comments ‘I didn’t tell anyone where he lives ‘cause I want him all to myself,’ and ‘That was Piney Branch Elementary School in Maryland…right next to where Rep. Raskin and his wife live,’” the document said.

“Taranto is a direct and serious threat to the public,” prosecutors told the judge in their filing. “Taranto’s own words and actions demonstrate that he is a direct threat to multiple political figures as well as the public at large. The risk that Taranto poses if released is high, and the severity of the consequences that could result are catastrophic.”

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