Cruelty Abound: In the last several weeks, several states ( mostly GOP ones) have kicked more than 1.3m of America ‘s poorest off of Medicaid rolls leaving them uninsured

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the U.S federal gov’t made it out of bounds for red states to boot people from Medicaid rolls due to the nat’l health emergency.

In recent weeks (some states even in the most covert of fashions) states have begun removing people from medicaid rolls following the formal end of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many American families and even singletons have been removed from Medicaid rolls over reported paperwork snafus or changes in their yearly earnings. People are advised to stay in communication with their social workers as a result of this action. In some states, paperwork can still be submitted up to 90 days following being removed.

According to official numbers, that’s 1.3m people across 22 states that have begun their own versions of purges since about mid April. Some estimates place that more than 20m people could lose access to quality healthcare putting them and their families in jeopardy. Florida has dropped more than 250,000 people making it the leader of the pack in terms of purges.

Allot of the cases as a whole (that were decided during or around May) were all purged. Among those states hit the hardest so far: Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia.

Medicaid is a government run healthcare program in the United States. Partially funded by states and partially funded by the feds — it provides access to quality healthcare for low-income Americans.

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