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A fossil discovery has revealed that the earliest known humans left Africa earlier than originally thought

A fascinating new find in Laos has shed light on the movements of the earliest known human beings. Some 86,000 years ago, what we do know is that humans originated in Africa — but what happened next might have just been revealed for the first time.

Fossil discoveries in a remote cave in Laos this week have scientists and researchers talking. According to reports, researchers made the discoveries this week which appeared to suggest that humans were in the area 86,000 years ago compared to the previous linear thought of 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. Originally, the path humans used to cross the world was thought to be a linear one but that has now fallen into question.

It paints yet another fascinating picture of the adventures and conquests of early humans.

The two Laos fossils — a fragment of a leg bone and part of the front of a skull — were found in Tam Pa Ling cave according to researchers. Researchers have run into numerous problems trying to study the finds and other finds at the site due to local heritage laws. The archaeological site was discovered in 2009 when another partial skull was unearthed. The full study which published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

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