Start your Day: Youtube stops removing misinformation, Ron and Casey DeSantis prove they’re unfit for the rest of America and more

Happy Sunday everyone here are your 4 popular news stories.

  1. Casey DeSantis wore a ‘Where woke goes to die jacket’ but the idea sort of backfired before it started.

What the DeSantis ‘s fail to realize is that to materialize their hopes of seizing control of America, that means they’d actually have to address the elephant in the room. That elephant in the room is the fact that there are millions of young people who do not actively identify with hard-right politics among other things. Casey wearing a jacket that says ‘where woke goes to die’ absolutely seems counterintuitive to their so-called mission.

See the photo:

2. Youtube has announced that it is no longer removing misinformation complicating being online for even more people.

As Presidential elections loom next year, Youtube has now joined a chorus of other websites and platforms that are now outright refusing to address misinformation. Over the weekend, the platform acknowledged that it suddenly would no longer remove any content that has been deemed ‘misinformation.’ This goes without saying that people should express extreme caution when browsing Youtube (especially depending on what the topic of the video is.)

3. New York City is set to begin constructing ‘gates’ for the transit system after years of complaints

Acccording to the MTA, a new pilot program is headed for launch. The agency announced this weekend that it would begin construction on what are set to become gates that stop people from falling or being pushed onto the subway tracks. The program will start in select train stations before eventually becoming train wide over 2024-2025. Yes that last part might sound like something totally vile to do to someone but for anyone not in New York City yes that was a thing at one point in time.

4. Churchill Downs might have a problem on its hands

Famed horse racing arena Churchill Downs has been spending its weekend trying to figure out one of the worst things a horse racing arena would have to figure out.

Why its horses are dying. According to reports, the racing arena suspended racing on Friday after discovering that at least 12 of its horses have recently died. Racing is entirely suspnded at the arena through 3 July and has been moved to a new location according to a statement released by the organization.

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