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Police in Portland Oregon are investigating reports that the murders of at least 6 women are the work of an unknown serial killer

Police in Portland are investigating a series of murders over the past year that they now suspect may be linked. According to reports, investigators are investigating claims that the disappearances are linked to an alleged serial killer.

Police officials in and around the Portland Oregon area are scrambling this week to put together poteential findings that indicate a serial killer may be on the. Those findings include half-a-dozen bodies that were found in heavily wooded or dark secluded rural areas from February through last month, KGW8 reported. Police now say those findings along with other evidence warranted a second look to determine if a serial killer is on the move.

According to police, in the most recent casee, a 22-year-old woman identified as Ashley Real was found dead in a heavily wooded area near Eagle Creek on 7 May. She had last been seen at a nearby transit centre in March.

Ashley Real, 22, went missing in late March and was found dead on May 7.
Ashley Real, 22, went missing in late March and was found dead on May 7.
Joanna Speaks
Joanna Speaks’ remains were found in Ridgefield, Washington on April 8. Her death was in the end ruled a homicide.
Bridget Webster
Bridget Webster vanished in early March and her body was found on April 30.
Charity Perry

The body of Charity Perry was found in Ainsworth State Park on April 24. Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

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