Rep Chip Roy contends that 9 powerful Republicans on the Rules Committee are prepared to sink the U.S’s reported debt ceiling deal

Ongoing negotiations in the U.S’s debt limit crisis appear to once again potentially be headed for a dramatic clash. According to reports, Rep Chip Roy has claimed that there is a deal in place that means Kevin McCarthy can’t pass the debt bill without all 9 approvals of the Rules Committee.

*It is not immediately clear to what extent Roy or the other Republicans on this committee have the power to potentially sink the deal with just days to go before America defaults on its debts for the first time ever.

Problems are brewing once again in Washington as GOPers and hardline Republicans reach desperate levels to either stop the debt deal from going through or pass their own version. Their own version of course does include many provisions that were declined by Democrats, mostly, because they would’ve stripped millions of innocent Americans of things they needed.

The Committee ‘s threats explained.

According to Roy, he claims that McCarthy made a backdoor hand shake deal with the Rules Committee way back in January. Yes, he actually said handshake deal according to reports. It is not clear if this was ever put into writing or in some form made actually official.

Members of Roy ‘s own party, per CNN, have all underscored the claims made by Roy. Some have even pointed out that if this were even true it is unclear and probably not even possible for something like this to actually functionally work considering it was just a handshake deal. Multiple other Republicans like Roy are threatening to vote against the deal they claim is a ‘sham’ to Americans but have not provided a bill that would otherwise similarly help Americans instead of hurt them.

There are at least two (one being Roy) Republican members on the committee that are known so far that would tank the deal undere this so-called handshake deal.

“A reminder that during Speaker negotiations to build the coalition, that it was explicit both that nothing would pass Rules Committee without AT LEAST 7 GOP votes – AND that the Committee would not allow reporting out rules without unanimous Republican votes,” Roy tweeted.

(Republican versions of the debt negotiations they attempted to shove into the final bill [but lost] were almost all exclusively meant to either force Americans to work much longer than before for the right to benefits; slash public services and their funding.)

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