Amid financial ruin and criminal charges, George Santos has named himself treasurer of his campaign

George Santos has a lot of problems (notably not being able to tell the truth) and now those problems are only getting worse. This week Santos learned that his campaign treasurer resigned following numerous investigations into Santos and his campaign being launched in the first place.

“On Friday, May 19, I was properly notified by my campaign’s then Treasurer, Mr. Andrew Olson, of his resignation. I appreciate the work Andrew and his team have done for the campaign and appreciate his willingness to ensure a smooth transition,” Santos said in a tweet Saturday.

“To ensure compliance, upon the resignation, I was named as Treasurer. A treasurer must be appointed within ten (10) days of the resignation of the previous treasurer,” he continued.

“My intent is to operate above reproach. We will continue to build our campaign around professionals with subject matter expertise. I have retained the professional services of a new Treasurer to ensure the campaign moves forward in compliance. FEC records will reflect the update.”

What’s next for George Santos

Santos was recently charged with a bevy of charges mostly to do with campaign finance violations and fraud. He cannot travel outside of Washington D.C and New York City and must remain accessible to a judge at all times. As of now, Republicans are desperately hanging on to Santos’s seat because their majority is already dangerously slim. The hope that Republicans would largely do the right thing has subsided.

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