A verdict has finally emerged in the case of the notorious Dresden jewel heist

Unironically, the Dresden jewel heist is perhaps one of the most notorious heists in history. Back in 2019, 5 men hatched a master plan to rob Germany ‘s ‘Green Vault” (as it goes this place is inside of a palace) of its historical 18th-century jewel collection.

Now a verdict. On Tuesday, a high court ruled that the 5 men (all guilty) acted with ‘considerable criminal energy’ and had oddly enough meticulously planned out the heist. At the time of the heist, they are understood to have originally made off with more than $100m in jewels. Case files show one interesting fact that sticks out about this case.

Each of the 5 men wasn’t just ordinary men. Police later discovered that they were all part of Germany ‘s infamous Remmo organized crime clan.

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