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Christian terrorists takeover Federal Wildlife and Refuge building over the two mandatory 5 year sentences  for two men accused of arson on federal land.

  • Dwight and Steve Hammond were jointly convicted after sparking arson on federal land.
  • The two must serve five years respectively for their crimes.
  • The Bundy Brother’s claim that such sentences and the control of federal land by the United States is a “direct violation of the “constitutional right by states” to control their own land.
  • Bundy’s announce that they’re armed and a “militia” and are prepared to “fight” to the end.
  • Some reports even claim that they’ve said “We will die trying to protect the land we have the right to be on”.
  • Controversy erupted after lackluster coverage of the federal takeover appeared in American media, largely,  appearing much different than, say, those recent situations in which included people of colour.

OREGON — If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that the Bundy Family is back in the headlines (and they’re armed to the teeth while doing so).  Over the weekend, three of  Cliven Bundy’s sons seized a Federal Wildlife and Refuge building in protest of two sentences for two men serving five years for arson on federal land.

The two men, if you’re wondering, are Dwight and Steve Hammond, some of which the Bundy brothers claim are innocent and they will “die trying to protect them and the land in which is being disputed by U.S federal authorities”.

For those that don’t quite remember how this all started, perhaps, it all started as early as 2014 when Cliven Bundy aided the support of a bill in Nevada that would allow Nevada to ‘seize all federal property it sought”. The problem? No such legislative power of any kind in the United States exists for a state to actually carry out such a state of affairs. No, really.

The story takes an interesting turn, mostly, because of its own coverage in the United States.  A sampling,  indeed, below.

Both of the situations: San Bernandino and the Oregon Takeover are just that: Take overs of a building or area.  Only, The Bundy Brothers, just haven’t fired yet. However, notice the difference?  Social media has been up in arms since roughly Saturday over the divide of coverage and the differentiating claims made by the US media.



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