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Contract given to Melania Trump ‘s private adviser sacked

After a New York Times report revealed that the woman and her company actually received upwards of $25m  for pretty much no reason. In the original New York Times report,  the Times managed to get their hands on inauguration documents that revealed the Trump campaign mismanaged millions of dollars in order to give it to a pal of Melania’s.

This is where it gets interesting, and, watch-dogs may actually get involved here.   The woman behind the firm has  been identified as Stephanie Winston  Wolkoff, who,    runs the now infamous  WIS Media Partners.

Trump ‘s inaugural committee apparently raked in more than $107m during his inauguration period.   Of that, 4  event planning firms raked in enormous chunks of money.  WIS being the one that  raked in the most, and now, has caused more issues than needed for the Trump family.   New reports cite that the decision to nix the contract all together, was indeed, at the hands of the Trump family who were displeased with the negative publicity after the New York Times ran the report. 

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