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Church leaders allegedly beat this gay man to “expel his gay demons”

In all of the odd things this week, we’ve got the story of the week.  The Daily News has learned through careful investigation and research, that, a cult like sect in North Carolina is under investigation and trial for some pretty serious charges.

According to what we’ve learned Brooke Covington a member of the Word of Faith Fellowship along with her husband, uh, stand accused of physically beating and holding a now-former member (whom is gay)  against his will.   The news first came to light after the first victim Matthew Fenner, revealed details of his own attack dating back to 2013.

Interestingly, the beatings mostly happened and occurred against young children and young people.  Fenner, now 23, “is having a hard time moving on past the abuse”  mostly because his mother and brother are still very much active members of the church.

The AP also picked up the story and additionally confirmed the claims with more than 5 dozen former and current members of the massive church.   Constituents of the church noted to the AP that Covington and her church leaders would “purify sinners by beating them to a pulp” in order to make them “not gay anymore”.

Court docs show that the first of five trials could begin as soon as Tuesday.

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