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Clinton aide Huma Abedin could face five years in prison over this 

Over the newly launched investigation once more into her bosses private server. According to officials who spoke to The Daily News on condition of anonymity, Abedin, is now facing some potentially damaging charges as it has been revealed that she lied under oath. Officials provided deposition documents to The Daily News dating back to 2016 June, whereas, Abedin had reportedly testified per documents that she had handed over all devices containing state related emails or content. 

But, that wasn’t the case. Earlier this weekend, it was revealed in newly unearthed FBI documents that an unrelated investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting investigation turned up a reported laptop believed to contain many of the thousands of emails that were allegedly deleted from the private server.

The laptop, although, is where it gets tricky. Officials are currently seeking a judge sponsored search warrant to gain access to the laptop  to comb over the thousands of emails supposedly found on the device. The emails were discovered after FBI officials were combing over the laptop seeking information related to the sexting allegations currently against Anthony Weiner. 

Abedin, herself, has since been spotted in Brooklyn at the Clinton Headquarters. Presumably, for meetings with other top officials on how to quell the growing scandal once more. The future of Clinton’s campaign remains rather uncertain. 

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